How To Fix Pname Com Facebook Orca Error On Your Android Phone

Pname Com Facebook Orca error is a common issue we are facing on Android devices. As the name suggests that it is a problem generated from Facebook Messenger.

Based on experience and research, when you try to start Facebook Messenger and get an error message and pop up an error message like “”,.

This message means that there is a conflict between the application and your device.

It has been searched on Google for million times. Most Android users faces this problem. This problem means that there is a conflict between the application and your device. Now, as you have landed the right place. If you came across with a similar issue like that, you don’t have to worry. Here is a comprehensive step by step guide for you to solve the Error of Pname Com Facebook Orca.

Are Facebook Katana & Pname Com Facebook Orca Virus?

It should be noted that Pname com Facebook orca is not a virus on your phone. It is a useful application. So when you get an error message on your phone, you don’t have to be panic. Some friends thought that it may be virus or malware when they noticed this message “com Facebook orca has stopped” .

Actually it is not virus. They are just two folders.

In general, it is automatically created a folder in your Facebook messenger application on your Android device. All the images, files, plugins videos and audios and cache of your messenger app are stored in this folder.

After the Facebook application runs, the folder appears but it will not distort any of your mobile applications, hinder your functions or steal your privacy. Therefore, it is not malicious software, virus or private owner.

It is very helpful when we want to retrieve older or information deleted by us. And, it needs to be handled correctly.

When you install Facebook app from play store , “com.Facebook.katana” folder is automatically created to the storage of your device.

So when you see the error message you don’t have to be panic. there is an approach to fix the problem .

What is Com Facebook Orca?

Before we solve a problem, we need to understand what the problem is. Where is the fault? Why it happened? What’s the possible solution? Therefore, it is useful to know what is Pname Com Facebook Orca Error.

Why it is happening? what’s the solution for it? Actually Com Facebook Orca is a package name for your Facebook messenger app on your android phone or pad.

Nowadays, digital media is full of applications,. Various cognitive reasons may hinder the activity of the application. These technical difficulties with binary function functions can be called – errors, viruses and errors.

As a coherent combination of algorithms and binary functions, Facebook often encounters many errors in its operational state.

Pname com Facebook orca is often called Facebook katana. Actually they represent the same facilities. This katana folder will be automatically created when you install the Facebook application on your mobile phone.

“Orca” is one of these folders in Facebook storage, the main goal of “Orca” is to protect the application data of smartphone operating system manufacturers and operators.

A folder named “com.facebook.orca” automatically created on your storage after your installing messenger app.GIFs, images, audios and chats are all stored in this folder.

It plays a essential role in retrieving your old messages. For instance, if some conversation, audio, file are deleted by you mistakenly, you can retrieve the total information with the help of Com Facebook Orca. In com Facebook Orca, you will find your deleted files or conversation.This folder is of great importance.

When some Facebook messages have been deleted from or mistakenly deleted and you want to retrieve it. You can only obtain it by using the Facebook orca folder. It will restart your files in the same folder. Therefore, the folder takes up more space than other applications.

Why Your Messenger Experiences Malfunctions

You might be thinking what can affect the Messenger? How it suddenly displays warning messages? In fact, there were a lot of factors. Here are the possible reasons:


Secondly, Using the app in concurrent with the other apps.

Thirdly, Outdated or bugged application.

Fourthly, Delete some of the files by mistaken.

Lastly, The operating system is outdated. There’s no perfect application for meeting our expectations.

All apps have their own limits. These technical issues can be fixed as long as we are knowledgeable enough. There are several ways on how to fix Pname Com Facebook Orca issues.

How to find out Com Facebook Orca?

You can find it from ES file manager. Open ES file manager > Local > Android > Data, then you will find the folder “com.Facebook.orca” and “com.Facebook.katana”.

The information stored in your phone is caches. When you first see the website, some information are stored in your phone memory and it is easier to get the exact same website the next time you travel on your mobile phone. This means that every site you see will store cache in your phone RAM, including Facebook.

Therefore, once you first use the official Facebook application or even the Facebook Lite application to see Facebook, the information are stored in your phone. If you crash your FB messenger program, you can delete the cache.

Five steps to fix Pname Com Facebook Orca Error on Android

There is no doubt that you need to solve this thorny problem. Isn’t that right? You can try to deal with this problem in these directions. It works perfectly!

Restoring the interrupted activities of Orca folder is a very simple process. Deleting a cautious application would be a foolish move. The following steps can help fix the com.Facebook.orca problem

step 1: Firstly go to the “settings” on your phone

Step 2: Then click on the “application” option.

Step 3: Go to the “All Apps” option.

Step 4: Find the Facebook application

Step 5: Clear caches and restart the Facebook application

It will reset your Facebook app. Your Facebook application may work better than before.

Other solutions to fix this problem

1. Uninstall the Facebook or Messenger and then re-install it from the Google Play.

2. Clear all the caches or history of Facebook Messenger

3. Try to disable the application and then Enable it again.

4. Turn off the device and restart it three minutes later.

5, Try to delete the third-party application

6. You can reset your device to its factory settings

These solution will solve the problem.

Can the folder be deleted ?

Most people think the folder is spam or some kind of a virus and delete it. Delete the folder is useless.

In detail, this folder is harmless to you, so deleting it seems meaningless. However, if you are inclined to do so, it will create a folder once again. However, it is worth noting that trying to delete it continuously may destroy the performance of the mobile device itself. After all, it still has the meaning of ” monitoring”!

It is absolutely useless, even if ,the passage folder can be deleted by you, as soon as you running the app again a new folder will be created. Delete the folder is definitely not a solution. You should never delete the folder.

It is wiser to fix the problem.

Accordingly, unless the app is removed, the Pname com Facebook orca folder can be deleted.

What if you want to retrieve deleted messages from “com facebook orca” folder

There are so many tricks in using Facebook Messenger, however very few people know. To retrieve the deleted messages requires little effort.There are a sea of ways to recover deleted messages of the Facebook Messenger app. In this article I will show you how to use the Orca Folder to recover messages which has been deleted by you mistakenly.

Facebook apps have many scams and game plans that cannot be analyzed. One factor is that messages are deleted and sent to anonymous folders. From now on, this folder will not be hidden from you.

Step 1: Open File Explorer on your device. You can explore the folders with the help of File Explorer. If your Android device doesn’t installed with a File Explorer, you can go to Google play store search for the File Explorer and click the install button.

Step 2: Then open the File Explorer, after installing it on your Android device. Firstly, go to the SD/storage card. There you will find the Android folder, which contains all the data related to applications.

Step 3: Then open “Data” Folder

Step 4: Next find the folder “com.Facebook.orca” below the “data” folder. This folder is consists of all the data related to applications.

Step 5: Then open “Cache” folder in com.Facebook.orca.

Step 6: At last you can see another folder called “fb_temp“ in the Cache folder.

If extracting the File Explorer causes you trouble, you can perform the same procedure. Connect your mobile phone to a notebook computer equipped with a file browser and perform the same procedure as defined above.

Download Facebook Messenger for your device

  • Go to the Google Play store.
  • Search for the Facebook Messenger.
  • Once you have find the Facebook Messenger, tab to install it.
  • Agree with the terms.
  • Open the application
  • Sign in with your Facebook account


When you facing a small software failure / error or a big problem like ” Pname com Facebook Orca”, the situation may be disturbing. Errors can make people feel awful.

I hope you now fully understand the instruction for solve the problem. If you have more problem, lease tell me in the comments. Thank you!


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