How to Start Paper Bag Making Business: Everything You Need to Know

Today, we are going to talk about paper bag making business. If you have some of the redundant money that you want to do the paper bag making business, here are some suggestions for you which can help you.

The Potential market Analysis Of Paper Bag Business

 First of all ,we should to learn about what is the Marker Demand.Market demand refers to the amount that a certain customer is willing and able to buy a certain commodity or service in a certain region, a certain time, a certain marketing environment and a certain marketing plan. Market demand is the sum of consumer demands. It’s influenced by many factors. For example, the Political policy, the level of the consumer consciousness, the cultural background, the custom of the consumption and the attraction of goods to customers and so on. Now we will give you a detailed description.

The Political Policy Support

 As we all know that plastic bags play an important role in the packaging market for a long time. But now with the development of economy, we find a lot disadvantages of the plastic bags. As most plastic bags are produced with non-renewable degradation materials, the structure of plastic is very  stable, so that it is not easy to be degraded by natural microorganisms, and it is difficult to be separated in the natural environment for a long time.It will do a great harm to the land, and it can change the PH of the land to the soil become contaminate seriously . The changes of the soil will affect the absorption of nutrients and water by crops, so that the production of the agricultural will be reduce rapidly. On other hand, the incineration of plastic bags will produce the harmful smoke and dust and the poisonous gas. All of these harmful substance can cause to the air environment pollution.In order to search for the sustainable economic development, the substitute to the plastic bags must to be produced urgently.So the era of the paper bag is coming. Many countries and regions have implemented regulations to limit plastic bags.Supermarkets in countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and the UK have replaced plastic bags with paper ones, and in some places where plastic bags are still in use, they are often offered for a fee. In the United States, the supermarkets, pharmacies and other retailers in San Francisco have stopped using chemical bags and are only allowed to offer customers paper, cloth or biodegradable bags made from corn by-products. In France, the famous French supermarket chain “carrefour” has complied with the needs of environmental protection and the public demand, has launched each supermarket characteristics of durable shopping bags, can be replaced for free, and at the same time stop providing traditional “disposable” plastic bags.Consumers only need to pay once in shopping durable shopping bag cost, the average durable bag about 15 euro points, after that, every time the packaging bag damage needs to be replaced, the supermarket will be free to consumers with the old new. On the whole, the market for plastic bags has been gone. With the support of the government’s policy, paper bag business will have the huge market.

The Change Of Consumption Concept

With the improvement of living standard, consumers change their consumption concept, advocating nature and pursuing health.Instead of pursuing life comfort, they pay attention to environmental protection, saving resources and energy, and realizing sustainable consumption.Green consumption is becoming more and more popular so that paper bags are loved and recognized by consumers. So what are the advantages of using paper bags?Paper bag is an eco-friendly product.It is made from natural materials and as an end product. Paper bag is the biodegradable product .The most importance is that paper bag can be used recycling. It is non-toxic and harmless to the body. Nowadays, many people choose plastic bags to hold food in the market, which is very unhealthy, because plastic bags have great harm to the body, and the use of paper bags guarantees our health and safety. It is a fashion for consumers to use paper bags.For businesses, paper bag is a mobile advertising.Due to the environmental characteristics, portable paper bags are favored by many businesses. including clothing, catering, electronics, gifts, beauty makeup and other industries are frequently used.In the sales of commodities and all kinds of promotional activities, portable paper bags are essential for merchants. Most of them will present the portable paper bags with company logo as small gifts to merchants, which can not only facilitate customers to carry commodities but also play an invisible role in publicity. So from what has been discussed above, we can come to the conclusion that both consumers and businesses prefer to use paper bag. So you don’t worry about the paper bag sales.

The Need For Environmental Protection

The environment is the basic prerequisite for human survival and development. Environment provides us with necessary resources and conditions for survival and development. With the development of social economy, environmental issues have been put on the agenda of governments as an unavoidable important issue.We are shocked by that Plastic pollution is eating away at the earth’s environment.Most families have plastic bags piled up next to their kitchen bins, mostly supermarket shopping. These plastic bags are often reused for household waste, but are eventually discarded.The United Nations warned on Tuesday that plastic pollution is enveloping the planet, making it imperative to tackle its source.We are sad to hear that plastic waste is killing Marine life. In recent years, with the rapid development of the takeout industry, takeout garbage has also become a headache.In response to this problem, many countries and regions have announced to take the lead in the pilot of “replacing plastic with paper”, that is, replacing plastic with environment-friendly paper bags in the delivery of take-away food, so as to reduce the environmental pressure. To protect the earth we live together, it is time for us to say no to plastic bags.Paper Bag Making Business is not only a kind of investment, but also the act of protecting the environment.

Thank you for reading the analysis above. Here is the question: with such a huge market for paper bags, so how can we start making paper bags.Please read on.

How To Start Paper Bag Making Business

First of all,We must consider what we need to do in the paper bag business.The most important thing is how much we need to invest.The investment is divided into two parts: Fixed investment and flexible investment.Here are the details.

The fixed investment

Paper bag making machines are a big part of the investment.You have two choices:automatic paper bag making machine and semi-automatic paper bag making machine. A fully automated paper bag machine cost about 4.5 lakh to 7 lakh depending on the production capacity. One fully automatic paper bag machine can produce 230 pieces per minute.Semi-automatic paper bag making machines are cheaper than fully automatic paper bag making machines. But The price gap of them is very small. So the fully automatic machine has high production efficiency.Automatic paper bag manufacturing machine can save labor cost.So where can you buy a paper bag making machine?You can search online for bag-making machines and browse the machines on their websites.You must to understand all aspects of paper bag machine performance, such as size, production and so on.The most important thing is that you will to know their after-sales service. If the machine will have broken down, whether they can repair it for free or not. You can call the manufacturer and ask them that they  will send someone to the factory to help repair if the bag making machine break down someday in the future.Don’t forget to ask how long the warranty lasts.This is very important because of that you can save a lot of money and time. Ask them if the machine can be delivered to the factory. The next step is that You have to make a plan about how many people you are going to hire to help you work, and what the average local salary is.How many bags to hire and how many bag making machines to buy depend  on your budget.If you want to start a large business, you can buy more machines and hire more people.If you have a smaller budget, you can also start small, wait until you make more money, and then scale up.Choosing where to set up a factory is also important.I suggest that you don’t have to choose a city center.You can rent a factory in a convenient suburb

The flexible investment

The Non-fixed investment includes raw materials, the cost of paper bag design and publicity .

Other Things You Should Pay Attention To

All in all, the paper bag manufacturing business is a business with great market potential.It will be very popular in the future. Now is the right choice to start the paper bag manufacturing business. In addition to the information you need to know, you need to find out the specific process, such as how to get the business license.It may take some time to prepare, but once the business starts to take off, you can make a profit.Finally, wish you all the best in the paper bag manufacturing business!

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