Custom T Shirt Printing Business

The T-shirts printing business has a huge market and almost everyone wears T-shirts. Imagine, a consumer who wants a new T-shirt. He or she goes into a shop or search the online store and choose the one they like best. even that is no need to try them on. T-shirts are more simple than any other clothes, So you don’t have to worry about the sales. In other hands, the T-shirt printing business license is simple. You do not need to prepare complex procedures. A small investment can meet the needs of the T-shirt business and recover the cost in a short time.

Benefits of owning a t-shirt printing business

  • Everybody likes custom t-shirts. And there is a huge market for small scale needs those big companies don’t want.
  • You can start to earn at home at a low cost.
  • Carry little inventory -you can buy blank shirts in bulk at low cost.
  • The easy way of promoting yourself in on hand: print your small logo to t-shirts.

the production process of custom T-shirt is simple and needs less time so that the turnover of the fund is fast. You can make a profit in a short time. As a matter of fact, custom T-shirt printing business is a good choice. Because it has low-investment, high-profit, and low-risk.

How Much Money Can You Eearn from T Shirt Business?

The most concerned about the business is the profits. So how much does the t-shirt printing business make? The answer is difficult. It depends on many factors. Such as how many hours you work one day, how many orders are there from customers every day. And who do you sell to? In a word, you control everything. You can’t go wrong by cutting costs and keeping prices high.

Step1, Choose a niche market as starting

Niche market, pointing to the rulers. Some people who are in the market/have an absolute advantage. Some large-scale enterprises ignore some of the market segment. You can choose a small niche market. You can find enterprise products or services. And you should concentrate force into the market and become a leader. You can do it from local to national to the global market. at the same time, to establish all kinds of barriers. And then formed a lasting competitive advantage.
Now you know about what is the niche market. The next step is to determine the direction of your T-Shirt printing business. Here are some keywords for you: personality, Custom service, Specific group, and so on. For example:

  • Some companies customize uniform t-shirts for their employees. They often demand that the logo of the company and slogan printed on the t-shirts.
  • The market of the fans. The fans of basketball star, football star and the movie star have a great demand for custom t-shirts.
  • Meeting the individual needs of customers.
  • Let the T-shirt become the carrier of artistic value. KAWS, a collaboration between Uniqlo and New York street artist KAWS is a typical case of success.

Once you’ve decided which market you want to invest in, focus on developing it. Young people are a large group, they are easy to accept new things and pursue change. They prefer personalized consumption. You can try to start with the young people’s T-shirt printing market.

STEP2, T-shirt design

The design of the T-shirt includes pattern design, verification of design. And you should learn about the protection of design copyright. When a customer chooses a T-shirt, which factor plays a decisive role? Is its pattern, style or fabric? According to research, the first impression plays a decisive role. Thus, a lot of energy must be spent on the design of patterns. Let’s talk about customer demand for custom T-shirts design. The first thing that comes to mind is the custom t-shirt. Some small and medium-sized enterprises will customize uniform t-shirts for their employees. They have special requirements for printed patterns and slogans. Another, some individuals or couples will ask for custom-made t-shirts. This demand is a niche that big companies ignore. So how should T-shirt design be invested? If your budget is adequate, hiring a professional designer is your best bet. However, at the beginning of a business, if your budget is short, it’s ok to hire an amateur designer. Besides, designing online is also a good choice.
So how to make the custom t-shirt design online? Open, and search “t-shirt design”. you will find 4k+ t-shirt design service, providers. All these freelancers could work for your business, but you should find the best workers to help you. Instead of “t-shirt design”, I suggest you search “bulk t-shirt design”. And then use the filter to find out level two designers, about 85 gigs. These experienced t-shirt designers can provide you trendy t-shirts designs. It’s easy to talk with them and buy their design service at a low cost.

  • Is it 100% Original unique design without copyright
  • is it 100% Commercial Rights
  • how many version of each design will be provided
  • what file formats are available, png/jpeg/pdf/SVG/eps/vector/Ai/PSD
  • what quality file the designer provided. better 300dpI
  • Free T-shirt Mockup

STEP3, T-shirts Dropshipping

Launch your own online t-shirt business. You need not to buy any inventory or print any shirt. Being an agent is a good choice. You can have a try at the beginning time. You can Scale-up after you’ve accumulated experience and money.

Setting up your online t-shirt store

When you’ve identified your niche. When you’ve got a great design and set up the brand name. And got the logo and slogan. it’s time to set up your online t-shirt store. If you know nothing about how to set up an online store, here are very detailed tutorials. You can find how to register an account.

 Here I will introduce to you. what is the main display in the online store. Firstly, let your customers who come into your store know that you can provide a T-shirt printing service. Both individual customization and group customization, you can meet their requirements. Showing off some great personalized designs to attract customers. Let the customer know that the custom-made t-shirts he buys are unique. You can also ask professional personnel to provide Suggestions. for your online shop decoration.

Market Your online t-shirt store

How to let your online t-shirt store be known among many shops by the customer? When you complete your perfect online t-shirt store, the next step is to market your online t-shirt store.

  • Emotional marketing. As we all know, people love to listen to stories. You can write a compelling story for your business.
  • Turn to online promotion platforms.
  • If your budget allows, you can buy some print ads for your online store.
  • Use social media to promote your online store.

STEP4, Small Scale T-shirts Printing

Buy t-shirt printing Machine

How to attract customers’ attention. Do your best from the quality of clothing to the design of patterns. So the type of printing machine is particularly important. With the advance of technology, a lot of printing technologies appear in the market. Here I recommend five common ways for the t-shirt printing. Direct to garment (DTG), transfer, embroidery, and applique, screen printing. You can check prices of T-shirt printing machine online. Different printers have different functions and vary in price.
The cheapest one among them is the screen printing machine. Several hundred dollars will be meet the need. Because of that you need ink and the specialized screen which transfer ink onto the T-shirt. And then, the second most expensive is transfer. The cost depends on that you choose the inkjet printer or the laser printer. The prices of these two printers are range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. The most expensive machine is DTG, which the cost is as little as $ 14,000 and as much as $ 80,000. Compared to other machines, DTG can print the pattern on the clothes. What kind of design do you want to print on your T-shirt? you can choose the right printing machine for your business, According to the budget,

Sourcing blank t-shirts

At the beginning of your business, the quantity of blank t-shirt you demand maybe not too large. I suggest you buy blank t-shirts from some famous online t-shirt store as a start.

  • start your printing business quickly without wasting time to choose t-shirt manufacturers
  • to get some experience about sourcing bulk t-shirts. Such as quality, quantity and corresponding price.

After you get these experience from buying a t-shirt. From an online store, you should turn to t-shirt manufacturers to get a lower wholesale price.

Costs of t-shirt Printing business

We understand the pressure people faced to start t-shirt printing business. How to start the business at low investment? Let us talk about the cost. When you decide

  • the printing machine cost.
  • T-shirt design cost.
  • Advertising cost.
  • Labors cost

Which is the best way to sell custom printing T-shirt

Generally, stores or online stores are the most common ways to sell clothes. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Combining the two approaches may be the best way. But bricks-and-mortar stores cost more. Comprehensive consideration, in the beginning, you can choose an online shop.

You have to learn marketing strategies

No matter what you sell, there are skills and strategies. How do you get your customers to buy your product right away? First of all, the style and pattern of clothes should be attractive to customers. And then, giving them the reasons why they need the t-shirt. You can give them the reason that your t-shirts are good price, good quality, and limited quantity. If they had missed it, they wouldn’t have come across such nice t-shirts. You can organize some promotional activities. Such as a limited-time discount, gift-giving, and limited sales. There are also many sales techniques that you can learn in the future.

You need a business license

Before you start to make the t-shirt business, it is important to get a business license. You can consult the local industrial and commercial bureau. Learn about the local government’s regulations on the T-shirt business. Then do as required to get a business license.

Learning about mistakes most people make and avoiding them

Quality is the most important thing

No matter how attractive your design pattern is. If the clothes are of poor quality, no one will continue to buy your clothes. So, you must ensure that the quality of the fabric of the blank T-shirt. You buy is satisfactory to the customer. Only in this way you can do sustainable business. Only in this way, you can take your business from small to large. You must remember not to sell bad t-shirts for temporary gain.

Being an influential brand

All things are difficult before they are easy. You should have enough patience and confidence. Don’t be eager for quick success. Build your brand with quality goods and services.


Before doing any business, you should make a detailed and workable plan. So, before you decide to start your T-shirts printing business, making a general plan first. Determining how much to invest in each section, based on your all budget. Then, follow the plan step by step. You will succeed in the end.

Advertising is essential

No matter how good your product is, no one knows it and no one can sell it. So, advertising is essential. Brand marketing is important. At first, you should set up your own brand, signs, and slogans. And then, promote your brand on social networks or mainstream media. Nowadays, when customers buy a product, they value the cultural value more. KAWS, a collaboration between Uniqlo and New York street artist KAWS is a typical case of success. Customers swept away their t-shirts as soon as they hit the shelves. We can learn from their marketing methods. You can learn about how to use free social media marking strategies for your t-shirt.

Build your team

If you want to make a custom t-shirt printing business, it is difficult for you to do it alone. In the beginning, you hire three or four people to run a business together. Someone is responsible for purchasing printing materials. Someone is responsible for the sale of finished products. And someone is in charge of the printing machine.

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