Custom T Shirt Printing Business

The benefits of owning a t-shirt printing business

  • Everybody likes custom t-shirts, and there is a huge market for small scale needs that big companies don’t want.
  • You can start to earn at home at a low cost.
  • Carry little inventory -you can buy blank shirts in bulk at low cost.
  • easy way of promoting yourself in on hand: print your small logo to t-shirts.

Costs & Sales of t-shirt Printing business

We understand the pressure people faced to start t shirt printing business at low investment, let us talk about the cost.

  • T-shirt screen printing machine cost.
  • T-shirt design cost.
  • Silk screens cost.
  • Screen Printing Ink cost.
  • Labors cost

How to make custom t-shirt design online.

open, and search “t-shirt design”, you will find 4k+ t shirt design service providers. All these free lancers could work for your business, but you should find the best workers to help you. Instead of “t-shirt design”, I suggest you search “bulk t-shirt design”, and then use the filter to find out level two designers, about 85 gigs. these experienced t-shirt designers can provide you trendy t-shirts designs, It’s easy to talk with them and buy their design service at low cost.

  • Is it 100% Original unique design without copy right
  • is it 100% Commercial Rights
  • how many version of each design will be provided
  • what file formats are available, png/jpeg/pdf/svg/eps/vector/Ai/psd
  • what quality file the designer provide. better 300dpI
  • Free T-shirt Mock up

Sourcing bulk t-shirts at low cost

At the beginning of your business, the quantity of blank t-shirt you demand may be not too large, I suggest you buy blank t-shirts from some famous online t-shirt store as a start.

  • start your printing business quickly without wasting time to choose t-shirt manufacturers
  • get some experience about sourcing bulk t-shirts, such as quality, quantity and corresponding price.

After you get these experience from buying t-shirt from online store, you should turn to t-shirt manufacturers to get a lower wholesale price.

Sourcing t-shirt screen printing machine

Setting up your online t-shirt store

Market Your online t-shirt store


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